Sherri Shepherd Blasts Barbara Walters For Use The 'N-Word' On The View (Video)

Monday's episode of The View as Sherri Shepherd chastised Barbara Walters for using the 'N-word' in a newsy context.

Whoopi Goldberg used the word first on Monday's broadcast while quoting presidential candidate Herman Cain. Walters repeated it in context of their conversation, though she told her co-hosts, 'It's very hard for me to say. The fact that I just said it now gives me chills'.

The co-hosts were discussing the name of a hunting camp used by Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry. But when Walters said the word, she drew a sharp rebuke from Shepherd.

'I didn't like the way you said it', 'I don't know if it's a semantics thing, but it's something that goes through my body', Shepherd told her co-host.

Sherri Shepherd has said publicly that she's been the victim of racially-motivated bullying.

'When I heard you say it, it was fine', Shepherd told Goldberg. 'You said it a different way'.

The ABC repeatedly bleeped the word during the women's discussion.

Barbara Walters asked Shepherd point-blank if her objection was because Walters was white.

Sherri Shepherd said, 'yeah, it's something about hearing you say it'. 'I don't like it when you use the word. When you say it, it's a different connotation'.