Evangeline Lilly Already Wants Another Baby With Boyfriend Norman Kali

Actress Evangeline Lilly says she already wants another baby with boyfriend Norman Kali.

The 32-year-old beauty, who has not disclosed the name of her four-month-old son - is currently busy filming The Hobbit but admits if she wasn't working, she would love to have another child with boyfriend Norman Kali.

Evangeline Lilly said: 'If I wasn't working right now, I'd probably be pregnant again!'

The actress says motherhood was a long-held dream for her and she is thrilled to find it as enjoyable as she had hoped.

Evangeline Lilly told Us Weekly magazine: 'My son is wonderful. He is amazing. Motherhood is a joy! I have dreamed about being a mother since I was 12 years old and there's nothing disappointing about it'.

'It is actually more incredible than you can imagine. I think everything I say about motherhood sounds so cliche, but it's true'.

She also joked that she spends all her spare time feeding her son.

Evangeline Lilly said: 'All he does is eat all day'.

The former 'Lost' star has previously claimed she only wanted to have one biological child and then planned to adopt.

Evangeline Lilly has said: 'For a very long time, I have had intentions to adopt. We have a huge population problem on Earth. We're not going to protect the Earth the way we need to protect it if we don't stop making so many babies. I think I can allow myself one child - and from then on, I think I would have to adopt. It makes sense not to add to the population problem'.