Ricki Lake Celebrates Her Top-Scoring 23 Points And 12 Inches Of Weight Loss

Actress and talk show host Ricki Lake celebrated her top-scoring 23 points and 12 inches of weight loss; Rob Kardashian celebrated being a better dancer than his sister Kim; and Chaz Bono celebrated just getting through his routine on 'Dancing With the Stars'.

Ricki Lake came in first place on Dancing With the Stars Monday night. She's also winning the battle of the bulge.

The actress announced that she's lost '12 inches weight in three weeks' off her frame.

Before the September 19 premiere, Ricki Lake had already lost 8.5 inches thanks to the rigorous rehearsals, she told People.com.

Ricki Lake, 42, said, 'I'm hoping to pull a Kirstie Alley'. Alley recently said she's dropped 100 pounds since appearing on the ABC series.

'When I went in for a costume fitting, I've lost 8.5 inches. Three inches in my waist. Three in my hips. Over an inch in my thighs and another inch and a half on my arms. It's crazy', she added.

Ricki Lake and partner Derek Hough scored 23 for their jive. The full list of scores is below. Fan favorite Chaz Bono came in last.

1. Ricki Lake (jive) - 23, 2. J.R. Martinez (jive) - 22, Kristin Cavallari (quickstep) - 22, 3. Elisabetta Canalis (quickstep) - 21, Chynna Phillips (jive) - 21, Rob Kardashian (jive) - 21, Nancy Grace (quickstep) - 21, 4. Hope Solo (quickstep) - 19, 5. David Arquette (jive) - 18, Carson Kressley (quickstep) - 18, 6. Chaz Bono (quickstep) - 17