Princess Diana Remains Britain's Most Beloved Royal

Princess Diana remains the Britain's favorite royal, fourteen years after her death.

A new survey by the Internet communications company Skype showed Diana as the royal most Britons would like to have a chat with. Behind her came her son, Prince William, and her mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, who married Prince William in a globally televised ceremony in April, is seventh on the list. She is behind Henry VIII, Queen Victoria and Prince Harry.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who is married to Diana's ex-husband, the Prince of Wales, is in last place.

Diana, her boyfriend Dodi al-Fayed and their driver Henri Paul, died in a car accident 14 years ago, Aug. 31, 1997, in a Paris tunnel. The two men were pronounced dead at the scene, but Diana, then 36, was taken to a hospital, where she died a short while later.

Princess Diana is buried in Althorp, the Spencer family estate.