Jada Pinkett-Smith Celebrates Her 40th Birthday

American actress Jada Pinkett-smith celebrates her 40th birthday (18/9/11,) just two days after Marc Anthony - who she's been intrinsically linked with over the last few months - had his own.

The wife of Will Smith, born in Baltimore in 1971, has packed a lot into her life thus far, including acting, music, politics and charity work.

It's unclear how she's going to celebrate the day, but after the recent trials and tribulations of her marriage, which has seen her first forced to deny that she and Smith are to divorce, and then that she and Anthony were reportedly involved in an affair, it wouldn't be surprising if she was planning to use it to spend some much needed alone time with her husband.

Marc Anthony celebrated his 43rd birthday on Friday, with the star being brought to tears at his concert that evening in Miami. Alongside the Pinkett-Smith allegations, Anthony's faced his own issues over the past year with divorce from wife Jennifer Lopez.