Freddie Mercury’s 65th Birthday Celebrates Google Doodle With Google Logo

Google pays the tribute to Freddie Mercury with a doodle that celebrates the British rock singer’s 65th birthday. Google honors the late Mercury with a quirky combo doodle and animation, the second longest Google doodle of its kind, that can be viewed around the world on 5th September on Google’s home page. For U.S. Google users, the doodle will be featured on the Google search engine a day later, due to Labor Day observations.

The 98-second doodle took about three months to put together and uses the song 'Don’t Stop Me Now', which Mercury wrote in 1978 and is one of Queen’s top ten hits of all time. The tribute animation shows the rock singer, who died in 1991 from AIDS, performing and navigating through a fantasy world inspired by lyrics of Queen songs.

Freddie Mercury tribute Google Doodle is the second longest from the search company so far, second only to a two-minute tribute to Charlie Chaplin.

Watch the Google Doodle for Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday below: