Alyssa Milano Want Another Child Sooner Than Later

Actress Alyssa Milano just gave birth to her first baby boy and she's already ready for her next pregnancy.

The 38-year-old Milano told that she and husband Dave Bugliari want a second child sooner than later, 'I've had such a great being pregnant that you're probably going to see me more pregnant than not in the next few years because I'm really digging it'.

Alyssa Milano and Dave Bugliari, an agent at Creative Artists Agency, welcomed son Milo Thomas Bugliari into the world Wednesday. The baby weighed 7 pounds.

The actress tweeted, 'Thank you for all the well wishes for my son Milo. My heart has tripled in size. I love him more than all the leaves on all the trees'.

Alyssa Milano reportedly had five names picked out for the baby and landed on one after seeing him. She said, We hear so many nightmare stories about people that have that name set and then they see the baby! Someone told me they had a name picked out like Skylar and then he came out and he was like 10 1/2 pounds and he like a little bruiser and they were like, We can't name our kid Skylar. He's more like a Ben or a Charlie.

The 'Charmed' and 'Who's the Boss' actress Milano does plan on returning to work but will take plenty of time with baby Milo first, 'I really want to enjoy my child', she said. 'Everyone keeps telling me how fast it goes by and to spend as much time with them as possible'.