Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen Celebrate 25th Birthday

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen celebrate a milestone today, the twins turn 25 years old.

On the romance front, Kanye West has sparked dating rumors with fashion mogul Mary Kate while others celebrity gossips have hinted that Justin Timberlake and fellow fashion mogul Ashley are heating up.

The twins deliberately distance themselves from celebrity brands, on the business front.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen rose to fame as young children appearing in TV and film stars, have not used their faces or names to promote their fashion brand, The Row as they don't want it to be labelled a celebrity clothing line.

Mary Kate said, We were aware of the growing trend of celebrity brands. We were trying to get away from that because we'd already done it with Wal-Mart, and we did it well. We'd been there, we'd done that.

Ashley was also adamant about moving the focus away from her and her sister with The Row, so that the focus would solely be on the work they produce.

She added, I was looking at it as I'm switching careers. I'm no longer going by my face. Who knows what I'll do in the future, if I act again or if I don't? My point at the moment was, I'm literally disappearing.

I'm not going to be in front of the camera. I want to do something created with my hands and with my thoughts. It wasn't about being a face. It was about being able to create something.

Mary Kate has not ruled out ever returning to acting however, saying. Right now we don't have the time. I was thinking about this recently. We don't use that form of expression anymore. But it's still ingrained in us.