Elisabeth Hasselbeck Turning On Sarah Palin! (Video)

When talk on 'The View' turned to the dearth of Republican candidates, Elisabeth Hasselbeck all but threw Sarah Palin under Palin's own bus.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck said, here's why we're not hearing it: because right now Sarah Palin's on a bus, and she's manipulating 'things' in terms of the media. When Barbara Walters remarked on the lack of momentum around Mitt Romney's candidacy.

Hasselbeck also employed an odd metaphor that compared Romney to a termite specialist.

In any case, Elisabeth Hasselbeck's visible annoyance at Sarah Palin's overshadowing tactics is a far cry from the sisterly rah-rah support she gave Palin at a giant Tampa rally during the 2008 election.

See Video below.