Amber Portwood Pleads Guilty To Domestic Battery_ Makes A Plea Deal

The Teen Mom star Amber Porwood pled guilty to two counts of domestic battery Thursday, but escaped any jail time by striking a deal.

Judge David Happe of the Madison Superior Court in Anderson, Indiana, agreed to a plea request by the single mother in which she will serve two years probation instead of spending time in the slammer.

Amber Portwood, 21, was previously offered a plea deal of 90 days house arrest and two years probation, but rejected it.

Instead of the house arrest, Amber Portwood is required to get her high school diploma, complete 30 days of inpatient treatment with outpatient follow-up and start a college fund for her two-year-old daughter Leah, of which Portwood must invest $10,000 of her own money.

Amber Portwood pled guilty to two counts of Class D felony domestic battery in the presence of a child, which stemmed from an August, 2010 incident in which she was caught on camera by MTV physically assaulting her baby daddy, Gary Shirley.

The Judge David Happe noted that Portwood’s financial means helped her situation and as a result, had two other charges dropped. Class A misdemeanor domestic battery and Class D felony neglect of a dependent.