Susan Lucci Talks The Cancellation Of 'All My Children' And 'Desperate Housewives' Rumors

When ABC announced the cancellation of long-running soap 'All My Children', fans were shocked this spring, but no one was more shocked than the reigning daytime queen, Susan Lucci. Maybe I was the last to know, She tells Access at the Daytime Emmys. I don't know, but I was surprised. Sad of course.

Susan Lucci says, The mood on the set of the show hasn't changed. If you came to the studio you'd never know anything happened because everybody's just cooking on all speeds! The cast and crew of the show are determined to go out on a high note for the fans, who Lucci says have been 'so on fire' since the plug was pulled.

Lucci says she hasn't gotten any details about how the soap will take its final bow, but she's not worried. You know, all I know is that we're in the best of hands, she says. However it's going to end it's going to be fantastic. I think, probably like all great novels, it ends with you wondering what happens next. That's what I'm going to guess but I don't know what the details are.

Susan Lucci confirms the rumors that she may be stopping by Wisteria Lane to join the ladies of 'Desperate Housewives', as for post 'All My Children' plan. Talking, listening, we'll see, she teases. There's been a lot of talking, but we'll see. It's a show I like very much, of course. The cast is amazing; Marc Cherry is amazing.