Prince William And Kate Middleton Visit The Canada's Prince Edward Island

Prince William and Kate Middleton are back on parade today, in day five of their first joint royal tour in Canada.

William and Kate travelled in an open-top carriage to Charlottetown on the Canada's Prince Edward Island, where royal fans turned out in numbers.

The royal couple visit brought tens of thousands out onto the streets of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, as fans hoped to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds.

Some had even slept over night on the pavement to stake out their viewing point for William and Kate's tour of the waterfront city.

Prince William and Kate Middleton rode through the main street in a horse drawn Landau to screams and shouts from residents who lined crash barriers six deep in places.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in their famous red uniforms provided an escort for the royal couple who rode with the province's premier Robert Ghiz and his wife Kate.

Kate declined an umbrella and sat smiling and waving to the crowds with her husband beside her, when showers had begun to fall.