Jon Favreau Interviews Olivia Wilde For ‘Cowboys And Aliens’ Cast

Director Jon Favreau continued his unconventional promotional campaign for Cowboys & Aliens by sitting down with actress Olivia Wilde for a heart-to-heart, last week.

In the pow-wow, Jon Favreau has been doing candid interviews of people involved with his upcoming film, due out on 29th July, for the past couple of weeks, talks with Olivia Wilde about horse-riding accidents on set, her recent work in Haiti, and her feelings on playing a lead role in Tron: Legacy.

The atypical, intimate, one-on-ones that Jon Favreau has adopted, in lieu of your ordinary 'behind-the-scenes videos' that most studios put out out prior to a release, are quite comical at times and definitely a needed break from the norm. The one complaint I do have ,however, is the broken-up format in which he releases them in.

Watch the first of the five Jon Favreau/Olivia Wilde interview clips below.