Heidi Montag Says New VH1 Reality Show 'Famous Food' Is Cutthroat Show

Heidi Montag has described the new VH1 reality show 'Famous Food' as cutthroat show.

The former 'Hills' alum and plastic surgery cover girl competed with six fellow celebrities in the upcoming VH1 reality series, as they attempted to successfully open a restaurant in West Hollywood.

Heidi told MTV News that, despite going into the experience with a certain amount of expertise in the area, she still found 'Famous Food' to be extremely challenging.

I grew up in the restaurant industry; my parents had a restaurant since I was 2 years old. There was nothing easy about 'Famous Food' Really it was very difficult, Heidi explained.

She said, We have a certain amount of time until we have to open the actual restaurant, and you're individually competing, but you also have to work collectively together as a group. So it's really hard whenever everyone thinks their opinion is right and they want to do it their way, but you have to agree at the end of the day. So it was a really competitive, cutthroat show.

Heidi Montag recently confessed that she wants to keep her personal life more private in the future and has no plans to take part in another Hills-like reality show.