Brooke Mueller Wants Off Limits At Charlie Sheen 'Roast'

Brooke Mueller knows she's a potential target at the upcoming Comedy Central Roast, and she vows to to unleash her lawyers if anyone trashes her.

She wants her name 'completely off-limits' when The Warlock is roasted in L.A. on September 10, Sources close to Brooke Mueller tell TMZ.

And Brooke Mueller may have the law on her side. In her divorce settlement, Charlie Sheen promises not to ever publicly discuss her drug use, and people in Brooke's camp are telling us, He better not go there.

We are told Brooke's people are seriously considering sending Comedy Central a letter, demanding it not broadcast any anti-Mueller jabs.

But a Comedy Central rep says, the only person the network is afraid of is Charlie Sheen saying, Charlie has assured us that nothing will be off limits in this Roast which scares even us.