Priyanka was tongue-tied!

Priyanka Chopra, who is now being wooed by the likes of British actor Gerard Butler and Bollywood hottie Shahid Kapoor off screen, and Uday Chopra, Hurman Baweja and a whole load of eligible men on screen, says there was a stage in life, “When I was in the eighth standard in school in the US, when I was a complete geek.

According to PC, she not only looked awkward at that adolescent age, she also lacked confidence. She recalls being infatuated with a classmate but couldn’t bring herself to even have a normal conversation with him, leave alone confess her feelings for him.

Incidentally, Uday Chopra, who is shooting with PC currently for Pyaar Impossible and plays a geek in it, is bowled over by her professionalism. Should Uday now be added to the list of PC’s close admirers?